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Pokemon this gym of mine

Are you one of those fitness freaks who would like to see your Pokémon using their maximum strength and stamina? Well, here is the news for you, you can easily capture and train Pokémon to fight the battle against other top gym leaders.

Yes, the game that we will be discussing today pretty much does so; it has its central theme revolving around gyms and battles with gym leaders, along with a twist of being in a fantasy world of Pokémon. Pokemon This Gym Of Mine is developed by Pokemon game fans to bring a new experience where you can have your own gym.

I think we all know about the Pokémon Anime, right? Well, if you liked the anime, then this game might be the way for you to relive your childhood. But even if you weren’t a fan of that anime, well, you might still love this game.

Pokémon This Gym of Mine: An Overview

Pokemon This GYM Of Mine

Taking the reference again from the Anime, we know that most of the Pokémon based role play games are centered towards aiming to be the best Pokémon master, typically inspired by Ash’s life. One such game is Pokémon Infinity But wait, do you remember another interesting character from that Anime? Yes, another talented character who was a Tom boyish girl with blonde hair named Misty.

If you remember, she was originally a gym trainer and later became the leader of the gym. Well, the game that we are going to discuss today, i.e., Pokémon This Gym of Mine, is also a simulation game, where the theme of the game revolves around being a gym trainer.

The Pokémon This Gym of Mine is developed made using Pokémon Essentials 18.1. This game is highly interactive and user-friendly as it has a simple gameplay experience and allows users to play various challenging matches and have battles in real-time.

The Pokémon This Gym of Mine offers a new and unique experience to its player, as it decides to play off apart different from the classic themes of this genre and rather has a gym-based Pokémon theme. It is GBA (Game Boy Advance Game) where the ultimate motive of the player is to thrive and compete to be the best Pokémon trainer and gym master in the Town named Umbal City.

Features of the Game

Apart from the game design, what else makes the gameplay experience smooth, memorable, and refreshing? Yes, that’s the game feature. Below mentioned is a list of some of the most prominent features of the Pokémon This Gym of Mine game.

  • It is developed using the Pokémon Essentials 18.1
  • It is an RPG game.
  • The Pokémon – the gym of mine is developed by the team Omegas.
  • The game allows you to battle with different opponents across the internet.
  • The game only allows you to fight with a trainer only once, and then you are not going to have another match with the same opponent.
  • Your reputation as the gym trainer in the Town increases with each winning battle.
  • The players in the Pokémon – This gym of mine gets rewarded with various batches and achievements to display.
  • It allows you to team up with your friends and play dungeons.

The Plot


The Pokémon This Gym of Mine comes with an interesting plot that allows you, as a player, to develop your own character in the game. The game starts by allowing you to choose your gym type and your signature Pokémon. You then meet Mayor Dalton, who assists you throughout the game while also keeping a tap on your progress.

So, after you chose your gym type, you are now assigned a gym with a terrible reputation in the city of Umbal. The reputation of the gym is ruined by its past owner, and now that you are the new gym leader, you have to increase the reputation by winning the battles and helping the citizens.

As you move outside of the gym, you will notice citizens standing in front of empty plots who are also rude to you. But as you level up in the game and complete the challenges, you can then buy building plans and fill the plots. This will also increase your popularity in the Town and your gym status. And with time and achievements, the behavior of citizens will also start being positive towards you.

Though if you fail to do so, you will experience setbacks and ultimately will be removed from the position of gym leader.

Pokémon This Gym of Mine: The Gameplay Experience

The Pokémon – This Gym of Mine has a simple, smooth, interactive, and addictive experience.

While playing the Pokémon This Gym of Mine, you might often feel yourself so immersed in the game that you might even lose track of time.

The game offers a smooth GUI experience that makes it more compelling. It also has various tasks and challenges, and on completion of each, you get rewards, which makes the game more satisfying to play.

The Gym Environment

The Gym is the main block in the game. This gym is located in Umbal City. Each player can select a different gym type.

The best thing about the gyms in this game is that each gym type is different and thus requires a  different strategy to master.

Relationship with the Pokémon

The trainer’s relationship with the Pokémon is extremely important in the Pokémon This Gym of Mine game.

A player with a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this game can only take the optimum benefit from each Pokémon on the battlefield.

The Gym status in the Town

Though the game starts with the terrible gym status of your gym in Town because of the incapability of the previous gym leader, but here is your chance to restore the status of your gym and prove your potential in the Town by improving the status of your gym through we’ll planned strategies.

Relationship with the commoners

With your progress in the game,, your relationship with the commoners also tends to strengthen up.

Relationship with Other Gym Trainers

You share copositive dynamics with other gym leaders. As with each new match, your aim is to defeat the opponent leader and establish yourself at the top of the hierarchy.

Experience of the Battlefield

The experience on the battlefield is full of thrills, challenges, and excitement. You, as a gym leader, try to help your Pokémon win the match and choose the best Pokémon against the opponent. Thus, this also requires a calm demeanor and strategic thinking on the battlefield.

Exploring the Pokémon World

The Pokémon World is full of surprises and is highly immersive. Pokémon This gym of mine offers you this engaging and immersive experience through new moves and abilities of the Pokémon, Pokémon evolutions, the variety of Pokémon that you can catch, various battle modes, different gym badges to earn, and also a custom music choice.


Summing it up: The Conclusion

And with this, we are now towards the end of this blog. In today’s blog, we saw a detailed overview of the game Pokémon This Gym of Mine.

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The Pokémon – This Gym of Mine is one of the best and most fun game for people who are fans of Poké-games.

The best way to earn gym batches is through progress in the game, this could be done by winning most of the battles.

Though each Pokémon comes with its own strength and weaknesses, some of the strongest Pokémon in the game are Dragonite, Machamp, Snorlax, and Espeon.